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Our Staff


Commitment, Dedication and Perfection

We pride ourselves in being dedicated, flexible, professional, perfectionists and with great eye for the small details. None of this would be possible if we did not hire and train the best of cleaners.

You always have to give 100% with every job...we take great pride in what we do, so the customer is always happy.”

Our teams of cleaners are expected to have all the above qualities to ensure that you will only receive the best possible outcome.

We ensure that there is always a senior cleaning member with every team that we send to a cleaning site. All of our staff are approachable and take priority in your needs and expectations of their job.

Senior Staff


Paulo Pereira is one of the owners of the CleanLiving Company. Paulo is very proactive within the business.


Carlos Pereira is the other co-owner of the business, just like he's brother Carlos is still very active within all the CleanLiving's operations.


Marco Correira is the face of the company, Marco has been with the company for several years and ensures all operations run efficiently and effectively as possible.