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Health and Safety


Health and Safety is the most important factor at work.

Health and Safety is of highest importance to us, our policies and practices ensure high standards of care for our employees, customers and suppliers.

We always discuss with our staff our policies and we continuously look at ways to improve the health and safety of everyone on site”

Safety and the prevention of accidents is paramount to our business. All our operatives and managers are trained in health and safety management, site inductions are mandatory on all sites and safety procedures are regularly reviewed. We employ an independent safety consultant to monitor our performance and carry out regular audits of all our sites. A copy of our Health and Safety Policy is available upon request.


CleanLving recognises and accepts responsibility as an employer for providing a safe and healthy workplace and working environment for all employees


Managing health and safety is a primary focus for us. We strive to look after our own health and safety, and that of others.


Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee, regardless of status, whom wilfully or deliberately disregard or is consistently negligent in conforming to the Companies Health and Safety policy.