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Education Sector

Cleaning in the Education Sector

The education sector can be a very demanding environment to clean, these facilities are used on a daily basis by a large number of people. We therefore certify that our primary focus is to deliver high quality services that optimise value for money to support the educational sector.

We always aim to use the most advanced and safest cleaning products in educational facilities as health and safety and environmental issues are key.

Keeping educational sites thoroughly clean helps minimise the spread of illness ensuring a more successful educational centre.

As with all sectors a cleaning plan is developed to ensure the best quality of service can be provided following the clients terms and expectations.

CleanLiving is able to conduct the best standard of quality in our cleaning services in all the different aspect of the education sector, from nurseries to primary and secondary school and colleges and universities.

CleanLiving is also able to provide various maintenance services within the sector.

CleanLiving is International Organisation for Standardization (ISO 9001) certified and a registered member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)