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Commercial Cleaners

All clients are provided with a cleaning schedule detailing the cleaning tasks that take place and their frequency. This schedule is worked out in consultation with the customer.

Our methods of quality control then ensure that these are carried out to the high standards we expect and demand from our cleaners and are regularly reviewed.

Services offered

Office Cleaning/ Educational Cleaning

All cleaning requirements to offices, schools, colleges, pubs, restaurants, laboratories how ever large or small.

Communal Cleaning

One-off cleans or contracted cleaning to communal areas in residential or commercial properties.

Window Cleaning

One-off or contracted window cleaning to private or commercial clients.

Waste management (non-hazardous)

Waste collection and disposal of all non hazardous waste for both private and commercial clients.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet shampooing, skimming, dry foaming or bonnet cleaning, for private and commercial clients.

Specialist Floor/Wall Cleaning

Specialist cleaning for all floor types; vinyl, linoleum, marble, terrazzo, wood, natural stone, etc. Specialist cleaning of all types of walls; fabric, tiled, painted, stone, etc..

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